The answer is three. At least it took three of us to do so last night, which was the right way to kick off a NYE party!

I didn’t have a plan going in to this post, but I want to write as regularly as I can. It’s late. I need to start shifting my bedtime because I was just hired on for the midnight shift at a nursing home nearby. No poetic words tonight. No pretty flow. I had an absolute blast with old and new friends last night! Several bottles of wine and cheap champagne were consumed. Around four buckets of sangria/punch, and nearly all the food in the house. Partied until 6am came and took the rest of my energy with it…rang in the new year playing drunk catch phrase. Right now I’m just trying to rehydrate! Listening to a rad playlist on 8tracks….Harold, They’re Lesbians! I wish I’d had the playlist last night if only because the core party group was comprised of several lesbians. Paradise, if you ask me.

All I can think about is girls. Before I came out I thought my mind was fairly consumed, at least all of my daydreams were. It didn’t occur to me that freeing myself would also free my mind. I’m just head in the clouds, planning dates and full of things to talk about! It’s late. Hayley Kiyoko on repeat. Must make some ACV tea, brush my teeth, and ponder lesbian love magick. Goodnight, butterflies.

Pretty Girl – Hayley Kiyoko