Michael says I need to find balance; I must be aligned with the North Star of myself and have the old barbed wires pulled from my chest. I think he is frustrated with me a bit because there have been so many hints and I fought each and every one of them.

Athena wants to help me. She told me so and now I am burning her red candle, all rolled in Sandalwood and clove. Simba is resting on the floor and I wonder if he can feel the energy coming from my shaking hands or not.

I made my cinnamon honey mask, I made my coconut oil/sea salt/cherry coffee scrub and I cleansed myself in the hot water. I came out smelling like a goddess of power still unsteady in this young body but…my corporeal form is ready to fight.

I sat with myself this morning more so than last night, thinking that I must face my demons and make friends with them, dismiss them, set them free. It is a humbling thing to hear from Jesus and the Archangels and not a gift to be wasted because I am lazy and afraid. “We are here to give you ¬†everything you need,” He said to me in a coffee shop in Italy. “You don’t have to call me Sir,” He said to me kindly and with amusement.

Breakfast. Coffee. Shower. Dance. Workout. Breathe. Reach out. Listen. All I have left is to add a bit to the Grimoire before I rest in their power and grace. I must call out to them all for connection and help.Ready myself for the floodgates to open. Do not let life and ego interfere. Look higher, different purpose darling. Let everything come to you as it will and through you as it will.

The wire is gone, call Raphael.

Rest, rest, rest.