I really love the idea of pop culture witchcraft…using spells or symbols from beloved books and movies. I’ve spent the better part of the day immersing myself in Pottermore – not just because I’m a witch, but also because I’m a massive nerd – and I find myself having a wild swirling of HP inspired spells floating in my head. Many of the incantations come (roughly) from Latin and Greek..similar to the spells used in other pop culture witchcraft – think Buffy.

The two ideas really sticking with me are using my Patronus to add personal power to any of my spellwork, and to use Lumos/Nox for a variety of things. Lumos is the spell to bring light and Nox is the sister spell to take light. I like the idea of using those to raise/ground energy, to open/close circles, to shield/drop shield in crowded spaces.

My Patronus is a ginger cat, according to Pottermore. Pretty nifty considering my Simba is a large orange and white cat that enjoys lounging near me during spellwork. I have to add, Pottermore also placed me in Slytherin, of which I am endlessly proud. Anywho, this witch is off to cast some HP inspired magick before work.