No two witches practice the same Craft, but there are a number of practices that many incorporate, guidelines that many maintain are important for the integrity of magick…the older I get, the wiser and stranger I allow myself to be the more I realize that, as with any ancient and varied practice, some of these guidelines are unchanging because some witches don’t want to change.

The idea of a stagnant witch is somewhat counter-intuitive to me. Ideally, a witch grows and changes her practice with her experiences and curiosities, with his interests and necessities.

I feel that I am breaking a small handful of those requesite integrities and I couldn’t be happier! I’m drinking red wine (the glass having been moved to my grimoire from the shelf above my spell candle), half listening to Jimmy Fallon and periodially checking my Facebook page while I type this out. How, you may ask, am I being a bad witch? Let’s take a look!

  1. While I do have a sacred energy circle up, I’m actively on the World Wide Web. Some may say I’m inviting extra energy and/or entities. Some witches (the old school ones, not the Urban/Tech witches) might even say it’s not a proper spell at all!
  2. I’m drinking. Not like a ceremonial sip or coven chalice, but a couple glasses of bottled red sangria. Not so proper to do magick tipsy, they say. I performed the set up, energy raising, guide calling, candle dressing & lighting super sober. The chunk of the spell that includes drinking is the release part, which I’ll get to later.
  3. Facebook. Maybe part dos of the WWW, but a social media network as a little fun break might seem disrespectful to any guides present. While I’m sure one or two of my guides might agree, I know the big ones well enough to know that they know me well enough to understand how I function.Short attention spans require little breaks for anything to be properly accomplished.
  4. Major religion, moon phase, deity mixing! I called in the Archangels, Dionysus, Hekate, Athena, Jesus, and whoever else. A black candle dressed in earth oils and enchanted red wine for a full moon release spell? Yep.

Honestly, this whole idea came about while sitting on the couch knowing that I needed to be doing something magickal. As I’ve come out of a decade long funk and into my old soul self – or at least begun to ease into all that I am and can be consciously – I’ve learned to listen to my gut, my guides, and my soul. In this case it meant I was going to craft and perform a spell after my own heart! I rarely drink anymore, but I was wanting a glass of wine. Grimoire out, fresh black candle ready and palms itching to create something, I began to ink the spell onto the page before I had fully formed a plan. Now I’m sitting here feeling pretty damn pleased with myself. I’ll share the spell and ritual in a separate post momentarily, but I wanted to get this bit about personal witchcraft that breaks old rules onto the page, so to speak.

Thank you for bearing with my rambling run-ons, love bugs.