I sort of wrote this on the fly, but it is easily one of the best spells I’ve ever written. So far it’s effective! I’ll add the photos from my phone later on, as I’m on my laptop and would like to keep my focus where the spell was directed.

Okay! So, if you didn’t read the sister post to this little ritual here’s the gist: A creative release spell to be done on or close to the full moon; crafted for contemporary witches, tech witches, all witches! Uses red wine but for those under the legal drinking age I’m sure sparkling juice would be fine (Dionysus would enjoy it still!).

Items Needed

  • Black taper candle, unscented and about medium in size
  • Earthy oils! I used Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, and Sandalwood. (While I choose oils mostly by intuition, these all lend themselves well to both spiritual practice, creativity, divine connection, and grounding)
  • Jet and Bloodstone (or similar stones that are meant to release/ground negative energy, increase spiritual awareness and personal power).It’s important to choose ones that work for you. Most black stones have protective and grounding properties.
  • Red Wine


However you set your sacred space is up to you! I called up a circular light shied of gold energy…honestly, I used “Lumos!” full of intent. Harry Potter magick all day. You need to pull up your shield no matter what. Your spell workspace needs to be both sacred and set for your purpose.

Call on your personal spirit guides, any deities you work with, and/or the elements. I called on Saint Michael and the rest of the Archangels, Jesus (weird current spin in my practice but he’s a really cool guy), Hekate, Athena, Spirit in general, the elements, and lastly Dionysus.

I chose Dionysus kind of as he chose me! I think he enjoyed the spell idea and is adding a bit of an extra kick to my sangria (which I’m totally cool with).

Here is the chant! Remember, anythingcan be altered to your specific intent. 

To be said over the wine three times, loudly and clearly, and again over the candle if you’d like:

With the fruit of the Earth I release the old, tired ropes binding me

As I imbibe and thank Dionysus, I ground  old energies and am set free!

These old feelings will leave me in beautiful form – so mote it be!!

I left my laptop open to my blog’s homepage because I have been using this as a medium to express myself and grow as a person. 

Blessed be my love bugs, coven sisters, fellow witches and wise healers.