Aphrodite, come and find me
Bury me in a bed of roses
Let me have as many beautiful lovers as the petals – leave me breathless in your honor and my ecstasy and their passion
Freely devoted to graceless infatuation, flighty sincere affection – an equal place in my heart and protection eternally, even after death of interest
Make me your honey-lipped priestess dipped in charisma and dripping sacred nectar
Frightening fire wrapped in sea foam and pearls,
A muse of madness, a once in a lifetime blessing

Sometimes I am consumed by a desire for someone
Different someone’s, a little of everyone
For the taste of their soul and sweat and blood
I hunger for their desire and to be the one that satisfies
I feel that right now
I knew when the spiral started and I pretended not to fall into it but
Every inch of me is burning to be bruised and bitten by you
To pick up where we left off just to see what I can do
Just to feel my heartbeat heavy against my thin skin
To feel alive against you
I want to lie to myself a little more and pretend it is no different but
Twin flame soul mate wouldn’t it be funny if I am that to you?
I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I’m no stranger to madness but even this is deep for me
I’m in deep, I’m in deep
I can’t wait to bleed for you