Oh! Sweet waters, won’t you wash over me?
Pull me down under where you rest, still and deep
Let the weight of your pressure make a diamond out of me
That I may arise shining! Daughter of Aphrodite

I am not the unwanted I used to see myself as
Nor the unlovable, untouchable ornament
I am more than these limbs or abstract mind
I am not a conquerable land for your hands to find
There is no shame in my vulnerable soul
Nor is there weakness in what sadness I show
Instead, I am fearsome! Made whole by my humanity, in love with my insanity
Divine and delicious, I exist without limits

I want to write a love poem
I want to fall deep into your ocean and pull words from the sea-foam
To paint your eyes with the color of early morning light on soft moss along the river bank
To spin my soul into thread and bind it to yours, to pierce the needle through your heart and back into mine; deep red, merlot over a dinner eons in the making
I know it’s unnecessary
They know each other
And what words are there for ancient friends?
Syntax for lovers reunited?