Emperor! Master March,
Rolling in, blowing me over!
All force and power but only because that is your nature
Nothing gentle can sweep me off my feet, no!
I need the floor in shambles, my knees buckling beneath me! To be impressed or captured or both you must be willing to become a storm of yourself – you must do so almost unwittingly, subconsciously surrendering to my siren call –
Lifting me into your aura before I realize that we are sharing one breath
Oh! Lion, I see you sway gently
Moving to my music, soft to the touch now that you’ve got me
The fearsome roar giving way to a rumbling purr
Resonating with my vibration, raising us both higher
Sweet March
The eternally kept promise of cool rain on the warming earth, the soft beckoning to exuberant April to come and lay with you in the last days of your stay
You have me, you have me

I am your Empress
I am the lady Calypso, my temper shown in torrents of fire and rain
Unbothered, unbridled
Chaos for the sake of passion and creation
Sweet and thick like honey, already soothing the wounds I’ve yet to make
I will cut through you until you feel there is nothing left to discover
Only to fill your depths with blood and ambrosia
Please do not fear me when the Lamb is gone and you are left with the Lioness
You can rest in me, rest with me
I will be your solace, too
The promise of bright blossoms on the horizon
That is what I give to you
Just give your breath to me, then take the rest of me
And I will birth your world anew