Lover, let me pour myself deeper into you
Until I am your breath and blood, bone marrow, rest and chaos
Until I am the words at the tip of your tongue begging for more, until I am your fingertips grasping and grabbing frantically at the pieces of me you’re straining to reach
Drip your insecurities over me, your darkest fantasies and your sadness like honey mead, intoxicating and thick, impossible to get enough of
Hold your power over me
Lover, carry me gently like a leaf on the breeze
Give me rest and solace until the sun and moon cease to chase one another and finally meet at world’s end
Dance with me always
Breathe new life into this weary traveler

What love is sweeter than
One that has seen pain?
Let our souls dive deep again
We are oceans, love, not rain.