Cadieux pulls at me like the empty cathedral off the freeway
Majestic bass in my chest, reverberating off the windshield and the travelers beside me
Strange caravan, entranced by the smooth scenery of waking trees and marred blacktop
April tugs at my heartstrings, beckoning me back into the ether; child of the veil, come sit in the stardust with us
Smell again of pine resin and rain and laughter
Blood witch, goddess daughter – just say yes
My soul aches to break from the mundane cage and tear through the air
I want to sit up in the empty bell tower and survey my broken window kingdom, legs folded against the cold brick
River wind whipping my hair against my skin and across my eyes
Fearsome bright guardian, night mother, healer, lover
And when I fall through the crystalline pool, back into this un-fey place
I will fold into him for rest