There’s a new rhythm dripping ink into my aorta
Spreading tendrils through my veins like fresh Ivy on a crumbling wall
The ruins of me are majestic to behold, yea
But the growth I’m going through is a blessing to be told, yea
They’re gonna lift me up!
Into new light, new light
They’re gonna lift me up!
And give me new sight, some fresh fight
My tank was running low, fumes can’t feed the fire
I was getting tired so I called someone higher
Ooh this electric body’s made for storms and raging fire – I am
The Lady Constantine
Here to shatter your perceptions, add starlight to your reflections and then guide you all to heaven
I’m not pure but it’s okay
God & Company made me this way;
dogma has no place in my divinity
If you’re in my vicinity
Come on through my city, we
Third eye seeing
With that new light, new light
Heart and soul bleeding for
That new light, new light