I don’t have a real outline for this post. My glasses are off, bubble mask working away on my face, Spotify doing its marvelous music thing. To be completely honest, I’m thinking as I’m typing. Upon titling this post the plan was to discuss (with myself and you all) my love…but as I type I find the content broadening itself.

Please forgive any typos…though this will be triple checked, I am currently with vodka and without my corrective lenses.

Back on track; my love. One of the many names I’ve given my beloved partner. As I write I can’t help but to expand the term into something entirely different…no longer a title, but  a a proper noun complete with its own adjectives and such. How do I love? Who do I love? When does my love show and what spurs it? Are love and loyalty synonymous or merely intertwined?

Addressed simplistically the normal come to mind. I love my family, my close friends, my cat, my boyfriend. A second tier appears; I love my Craft, I love the angels I work with and deities I worship. I love, wholeheartedly and with  a compassion I never anticipated, my residents.

None of those are exhibited the same way except for one characteristic – service.

I’ve come to believe, at least for myself, that service is the greatest and most voluntary act of love there is. It surpasses category or function…I am equally likely to serve my mother, my boyfriend, and my residents. They won’t need the same thing! I will provide affection, attention, validation, and sustenance in turn. The most effective (and most tailored) act of love you can perform is one specific to the person requiring your heart and energy…how do you give it?

I provide joy. I provide a temporary escape. I am Erynn the Enabler, when I am not not Erynn the Witch/Sister/Friend/Combo.

I offer you solace, comfort, validation, encouragement, and judgement-free safety. My space doesn’t mind your vice(s) because I’ve got several of my own.

The greatest gift I have to give is love. It is the service of love in an unpolished packaged; I am judgement-free and therefore you have not sinned and are worthy of love and salvation. Sometimes one must be clean and worthy to a friend before they are worthy to themselves before the Creator.