Will you let me love you?

Not faintly, nor softly or gently

But now, while you’re sad? While you’re dying?

Would you let me love the openness you are resigned to?

The concrete jungle you’ve come to inhabit – I will furnish it futilely, with throw rugs and pillows

The only honest decor bottles caps and cigarette ash

You can use my lighter! I’ll wear your old shorts, we’ll get higher tonight than ever before

We’ll light these old temple candles in new honest prayer

This is my preemptive goodbye to you

Not really goodbye

I will carry you with me, always and everywhere

To every coffee shop and cemetery, every playground and kitchen – everything you’ve ever given me I will bear

I will be adorned in your gifts and lessons,  wearing them like fresh breath

Whispering them to my notebook, crying them out the moon the way you would to the black and white keys